Thursday, February 7, 2013

Soap in a Sweater~ a fragrant fuzzy fat free valentine!

Fresh scented soap encased in soft merino 100% wool.
 Gently exfoliates while it cleans! After use, place so it can air dry.  
When the soap is gone, you can use the felt as a scrubby pad or you can cut a slit in it, insert another bar of soap, and then stitch it closed. Or have a  little pouch for small treasures.

~Using Felted Soap is Good Clean Fun~

I have been a neglectful blogger... between computer updates and felting items to provide for the gallery I have not taken much time to sit and write.

I have been busy making fairies ( photos soon!) and making these nice felt soaps.

Here's how you do it~ in three easy steps!
1-  For my base soap I am using some lovely soap I got at the new Trader Joe's....

2- Wrap ( snugly) the wool around it. I use roving and make sure i don't put it on too thickly.. a few thin layers will felt up quicker than a big think layer. You can use different types of wool but I prefer merino it felts up quickly! and makes a nice finish... a gentle exfolliant not too scratchy.

3-Submerge it in warm water~ CAREFUL HERE...

 When I first started making these I would put the wool wrapped soap into a pantyhose or knee high to help keep the fibers together until they start holding together on their own.
 This is what you might want to do if you do not have much experience in wet felting.
You must be VERY GENTLE with the fibers at this point... just transfer the woolly soap back and forth between your hands until the soap starts to bubble thru.
As the soap starts to work it's way up and you continue some gentle agitation the fibers will swell and start to shrink. Continue gently to work with the woolly mass of soapy fun and the fibers will shrink around the bar.

It will take awhile... you can alternate some hot water and cold water which will speed up the process.
 As the fibers begin to shrink around the soap you can get quite "rough" and rub with more vigor... just don't too it too early in the process.

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