Friday, August 31, 2012

Pengiuns visit the Aquarium

I have been enjoying making these little creatures!
 They are about 3-4 inches tall & each one take about hours and a half ( or longer ) to needle.
 I try to do it while watching TV but mostly it means
 I do not actually watch the TV or I stab myself~ OUCH

they are fascinated by the myriad of fish!

Needle felted Penguins on holiday!

But willing turn to pose for a group shot.

Happy penguins on holiday!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pumpkins & Penguins

I've been making little needle felted pumpkins and penguins!

 These are not quite done, but I wanted to write a post and there's that saying:
 "a picture is like a thousand words" ( or something like that).

needle felted penguin

This is a close up of the penguins and is really more true to color. I have wet felted some wool that I intend to use for the feet and am considering how I want to do the eyes. The book, wool pets  by Laurie Sharp, was a given to me a few weeks ago by a dear friend. It is a delightful book of needle felted "pets".  I had been eager to try making these. They are so cute and fun to make.

needle felted penguins atop of needled felted pumpkins

I am off now to add some stems to the pumpkins and the finishing toughes to the penguins

Monday, August 20, 2012

Simple Gifts Simply Felt has a Facebook Page!

Check it out!

Kokeshi ladies go to new homes!

Japanese Kokeshi dolls needle felting
Group photo!

This weekend the 4H Summer Inbound Exchange program came to a close. Forty Japanese teenagers had spent a month in Virginia staying with host families from all parts of the state. This is an amazing program that matches host families and Japanese youth for a one month "homestay". It is an incredible opportunity to create lifelong friendships and build cultural understanding.

My sweet little needle felted dolls were given as a Thank- you gift to the families that hosted the students and chaperones.
the pink sisters!

close up of hair & flowers
 I had a lot of fun making all of them and it was a bit sad to see the go, but I know they will be happy with their new families. And. hopefully, be a nice reminder of their Japanese son or daughter.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Joy of Felting!

 Last week Leslie and I taught a week long class at Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, West Va .
We had an awesome group of students!
Below is our class proudly displaying their felted goodies at the student craft showcase

Joy of  Felting  @ Augusta Heritage Center Summer 2012

wet felted tea cozy & wet felted bowls