Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Not that this post has much to do with Halloween other than I am writing it on October 31st!

wet felted bags swinging in the breeze
sheep inlay design made with prefelt from New England Felting Supply

Merino wool with some coopworth curly locks

I hope to create a tutorial to upload in the next week or so. Meanwhile I am excited to share that I have been accepted for membership in a local artists gallery!

 I have been making a lots of seamless felted bags!  Using a Scandanavian seamless technique and inspiration from a book Chad Alice Hagen wrote called something like Weekend Crafter I came up with a pattern for these resist technique bags.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

acorns & pumpkins

colorful needle felted acorns bask in the autumn sunshine

Inspired by the beautiful colors of the fall trees, 
I  created some fall color of my own.
This rainbow array of acorns were made collecting acorn tops while taking walks with my dog in the woods. I then baked the tops to ensure they were nicely dry & that there was nothing living in or on them.I began by needle felting little balls of 
Corriedale roving and then hot glued the acorn top back! Easy peasy.
needle felted pumpkin pincushions & needle felted acorn necklaces
With some of the acorn tops my oh-so-helpful husband drilled tiny holes with a dremel tool. I threaded colorful ribbons in and tied a knot on the inside of the cap and then hot glued the cap onto the acorn. It takes some testing to find the right top for the right acorn!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Fiber Festival

Little girl with flower headband
This weekend was the Fall Fiber Festival in Montpelier Station, Virginia. 

My friend Allegra always has a booth there and I was able to help her a bit and also take a few things of my own to sell. The little girl in the picture above was a bit reluctant to have her picture taken and, somewhat reluctantly, allowed me to photograph her. 
Thank goodness for my new smart phone!
 I LOVE how it looks on her!

Needle felted Santa's waiting to go to the  Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival
It's that time of year!!! Getting ready for Christmas and making Santas... there is a Mrs Claus in this photos... can you find her?

Needle Felted Acorns
I have been collecting acorns for awhile intending to needle felt some & put the "tops" back on. Motivated be the fall and my husbands willingness to use his Dremel tool to drill tiny holes in the tops for the ribbon to go through, I have finally made some.Here are some I have made as Christmas ornament's. I also made some as necklaces &  some just to use as decoration.